You are aspiring to join the gold shadow
a group of powerful adventurers and deities in which the flow of
time is decided.
Three of the highest ranking member of the gold shadow came to
each players parents at their birth and informed them of that
there child would be a great member one day shaping history and
time itself.
Gold Shadow is known for its great deeds in advancing humanity,
an ancient group of warriors and wizard who have unlocked sight
deep into truth and time. GS know for its toppling of evil government
and destroying dragons that had wiped out races stopping genocide and
halting plagues.
The world has been at peace for 300 years free from war or great plague.
Many kings and countries have been building… great castles and fortresses have been constructed for counties and king, though word went out for a few for workers many seem to have been constructed quickly and without call for much work.

A decade ago there were no longer great dragons on the plain or in the mountain, it was believed that they were all killed in a great war in an age of greater technology and human advancement In a war 1000 years ago.
The war of Brother resulted in peace, long, but not prosperity. Contact and trade had ceased. The hordes and great beast of the world were destroyed in mass numbers along with the technology and the ways to remake them as well as most who could pass on the building trait. leaving great and powerful magic in its stay. Magic and might have ruled.
But now… rumors have spread and the unease in what seem to be new weather in the world has began. Days are shorter, forest grow quicker, and the rains have begun.

No dragon has said to every existed and even the legend of the war of Brother is thought to now just be a myth; but the whispers, the whispers are getting loader and a Great Dragon has been seen.
Monster that can control mens mind, a witch than can raise the dead and the race of Orc have grown restless; they venture through the plain and have done terrible raids and have said to brought the marble fortress with not a stone atop another stone.

The Golden Shadow has answered the call and sprung into action. Though not guided by divinity the Golden Shadow has guided time with a gentle saving hand.

There call has gone out to you.

Gold In The Shadows

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