Sybarus Nail

A young elf with a notably dour appearance.


Sybarus is a male elf of medium height. His features are rather bland except for the striking, golden-bronze of his leonine eyes.


Sybarus (or just Nail as he prefers, “Oh are we on first name terms now? I think not.”) was expelled from his elven homeland at an extremely young age and had to make his way in the human world as an orphan. He either does not know or does not care to explain the reasons for his exile (though he suspects the truth).

His natural intelligence soon found him gainful employment in a number of skilled trades, but his feverish intelligence soon left him bored and looking for a new set of skills to learn.

Eventually he was taken in by a human wizard, who taught him the rudiments of magic and spell-use, but even then Sybarus found the practice of wizardry stifling, with its obsessive reliance on rote memorization. Sorcery he also explored but found it excessively difficult – the limitations too severe.

Thus he found Dulkinn Glaww, whose mastery of magic bridged the gap between the bibliophilic wizard and the raw intuition of sorcery.

Sybarus Nail

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